I've owned a Marshall VS100 combo amp for nearly ten years, now, and I think it's a little past time that the tube should be changed. I fired it up a couple of days ago and I'm getting a lot of hum on the drive channels, which wasn't there before from what I can remember.

I understand (correctly, hopefully) that these amps have a single 12AX7 tube for the preamp. Not sure what brand came stock in the thing, but I was wondering if which brand I replace it with would make a whole lot of tonal difference. Considering the power amp is solid state I kind of doubt it, but I thought I'd throw this out there just to be sure I'm not missing an opportunity to spice this amp up a bit.

Anybody have any experience with retubing a hybrid amp? If so, does tube brand really make much difference tone/gain/whatever-wise in a hybrid?
Change it anyway, but get a service too. Its not a costly procedure to buy a tube, pull the old one out an' stick the new one in, so it shouldnt make much of a difference if it doesn't change your tone dramatically.
Oh, I know. I'm planning on changing it anyway. I was just looking around at the different brands and I know that, in an all-tube amp, the brand of tube can make a pretty significant difference in regards to how the amp sounds. I was just wondering if the same held true for hybrid amps, as well.
^ do you like the tone of the Valvestate???
when i played a Hybrid Marshall i hated the sound.........

well look at JJ's for 12AX7's......
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It's ... alright for what it is. I don't hate it, but it doesn't blow my socks off by any means. It's a hand-me-down from a friend who quit playing and I hadn't touched the thing in forever, so I thought I'd pull it out of the closet to see what I could get out of it. Not incredibly impressed - I seem to remember it sounding a bit better when he first gave it to me, but I think changing out the tube will help with that.

Either that or my ear was complete **** when I got it and I'm just now realizing the amp sucks. But I'm thinking a fairly loud hum on the overdrive channels points towards a bad tube, yeah? Not to mention that the tube hasn't been changed since it was purchased in the mid- to late-nineties.

Regardless, nobody seems to want to touch the real question I had: is it worth worrying about tube brand for a hybrid? Because if not, I've got a friend who I'm pretty sure I could snatch a Sovtek off of for free. On the other hand, if it would make a difference, I'll spend the time and shell out a few bucks for a JJ or EH to see how it sounds.
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These amps come with a single Marshall branded 12AX7. I had an 8100 years ago and I swapped the stock tube for a Sovtek. That made the gain grittier and more raspy sounding. Changed the tone for the better IMO.
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I suppose I'll give this a shot with a JJ and see how it works. Fingers crossed.
TUNG SOL!!! i like JJ power tubes, but the tung sol i used for my preamp tube is perfect! well w/o breaking the bank that is....go with tung sol.
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Shuguang, Mullard, or Tung Sol. JJ will probably make it a bit darker.
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Well, I'm looking to see if I can squeeze a bit more gain out of the Marshall and I've always heard that JJs are higher-gain than most. I hear that Tung-Sol tubes are fairly balanced, but haven't heard much about them other than that.

As for Shuguang and Mullard, I've got no idea. Never heard of them before.

Not a ton of experience with retubing amps, so I'm going on second-hand knowledge, here. Any input on how a Shuguang or Mullard tube would respond?