I am looking for a good sustain pedal that does not "color your tone". I have been playing for about 2 years now and I want to get some "accessories". From my readings, many of these pedals "color" your tone when you don't have them on. I was about to purchase the MXR - 132 which people have said it colors your tone.

It appears that the Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal ($189) doesn't color the tone nor does the Vox Cooltron CT05CO Snake Charmer Compressor Pedal ($ 199).

Can anyone give me advice. The Black finger and charmer are expensive, but, I don't want to buy a pedal that I am throwing good money after bad. I will just save up for it.

Maybe with the MXR - 132 the tone "color"is Ok not that noticeable. or maybe there is another brand. What does Santanna use?

All compression/sustain pedals color your tone. The Barber Tone Press has a blend knob that introduces untreated signal into the mix with the compressed signal. I'd say that's your best bet for minimal coloring, but it's important to realize that sustainers by their nature are not particularly transparent devices.
for those wondering, the mxr 132 is the supercomp.

as roc said, compressors are usually not that transparent. the trick with compressors is to find one that you like the way it sounds. aside from the ones already mentioned, look into the keeley compressor. more expensive than any of the ones you mentioned, but lots of people rave about it. i wouldnt spend that much on a compressor and im happy with my dynacomp, but if youve got the money then it might not be a bad purchase.

as for santana, everything ive found says he doesnt have a compressor in his rig.
The BYOC compressor kit is truebypass and has a blend knob its about 100$. It comes with 2 sets of chips/transistors for tuning your sound.
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Buy a Maxon Comp or look boutique...

Thanks for all your great advice, what is meant by "look boutique? "

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Thanks for all your great advice, what is meant by "look boutique? "


small companies, not mass produced, handmade sometimes. Fulltone, Barber, Analogman, Keeley, etc. all boutique.