Okay, a talent show is coming up and three kids approached me (A drummer, singer, and bassist) asking me if I wanted to help them in a talent show at school coming up in a week... I was like "sure" and we started talking about what song to play and the only only song we all said was "Smells like Teen Spirit". Now, I'm cool with that, I have a DS-1 pedal and stuff but this is where I need you peoples help with these questions.

1. Is there chorus in the song? I have some Chorus on the amp I'll be using if my Small Clone doesn't arrive in the mail in time. The amp is a Roland Cube 30, if you need to know.

2. If chorus is needed will that be an okay substitute for the song?

3. Does anyone know the positions the nobs have to be at on the DS-1 Pedal?

4. Now, this is gonna be the biggest help I need here. I need to know when to kick in the distortion and the chorus. I'm assuming chorus is throughout the whole song (If not I'm kinda f'd considering it's a nob on my amp and not a pedal)
I'm using these tabs right here http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/n/nirvana/smells_like_teen_spirit_ver10_tab.htm and it says to turn it on almost at the beginning and doesn't say when to turn it off so does it go the rest of the song?

All help with these question would be great. And I know, I would rather do a different song but we're kinda new to the instruments and it would take more than a week to learn a new song so we're kinda stuck with this one. And I tried listening to the song for the distortion and chorus questions and still can't figure it out and can't waste anymore time on it.

1. In the solo, I believe there is chorus, the Small Clone most likely, as Kurt used it.

2. I have no experience with the amp sorry, but if it sounds ok to you, then it's fine. Try not to match the song completely, make it your own. This allows you to have your own tone.

3. Again, no experience, but I'm sure someone else knows the settings. Just go for a crunchy sound, listen to the song and try to get it close.

4. You could leave the chorus on throughout if you can't switch it off, it won't make a huge difference. As for ditortion, I believe there are 3 bars before turning it on, but I may be wrong. When the drums come in, turn it on.

Hope this helps.
You really should be able to tell, but here it is. The intro before distortion is just a clean guitar. Then the rest of the intro is just distortion. The verse is clean guitar with chorus. During the prechorus there are actually two guitars, and one of them is distorted, but if you only have one then do the clean chorus one. The solo is distortion and chorus together. As for settings, chorus should be set to a medium/slow rate, and your distortion on the ds-1 should be quite high.