Yea im playing live tonight, the song were playing is in my profile, theres 9 bands playing & its a battle of the bands, except for the opening. Il prob have vids up late tonight if anyone wants to see it. Anyways any tips for me?
PS: The song in my profile doesnt have the lyrics or solos in it.
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Don't be afraid to go on stage naked, it tells people a lot about you. Also making love to your guitar will show people that you're open minded and if you can solo at the same time they'll see your talents aswell. Win, win, win.
Your recording was bad. Not musically (I don't think) But the sound quality.
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That song has an uncanny resemblance to "get your hands of my woman" by the darkness lol
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Get in to it, because that makes the crowd get into it is my only tip.

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That song has an uncanny resemblance to "get your hands of my woman" by the darkness lol

+infinity. It's the exact same riff
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Yes, I made an account to ask this question. Is it really that weird? No. I wanted some feedback from some proper guitar experts who knew what they were talking about. Sorry, I guess I was wrong.