Getting my second bass amp in a few months.

Going for,

Any experienced players have played with these amps please do share your opinions.

I asked the online seller and he says the SWR has more lower tone while ASHDOWN is more on the middle tone. I don't know about CARVIN though. He recommends SWR for the cheaper price.

I want to try them out, but the online seller's place is very far. Hours from my place. And I would like to listen to your comments on these first.

The SWR is barely loud enough to play with a drummer. The Ashdown is loud enough. Not sure about the Carvin. I loved the tone of the SWR when I had one, but it just didn't cut it volume-wise. I had an Ashdown for a while, and that also had sweet tone. I'd shoot for that one. What kind of music do you play/are you gigging?

inb4 'go to the bass section.' we share GG&A so yeah.
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Hey Sid, thanks for the input. I play metal and occasionally funk or punk. I am gonna use it for practice and jamming. I am looking for "growly" tone and tight, punchy tone.