where can i find a website with a lot of concert halls/centers/arenas/etc reviews? I wanna know how the Izod center i New Jersey is.
I play guitar.
you'd be better off checking local websites. In this case, google is your friend. Or else ask the venue themselves for a list of people that have already played there and get in contact yourself.
its really good good if u have alright seats. i saw the who there in October and i had the worst seats in the place and it was still amazing.. i dont know any websites though sry
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i tried google i didnt really find anything... no one really said anything about the place. Except for a Van Halen website where a lot of people said it was good some said it sound like a blob of sound, but I dont think Eric Clapton's concerts are like Van Halen's..
I play guitar.
Really depends on the spot. When I saw the Foo's there I had middle of the stage but upper deck seats and it was great. It's relatively small so unless you're in a corner anywhere is pretty good.