hey good people

i have a question on staining or dyeing wood. what i want to do to a quilted maple top is what i think kinda cool but i dont know how to get that result.

i want a van halen frankenstyle kinda pattern see thru finish and not a solid coler like everyone else.... but how would i do that?

i think the stain would leave unsharp edges with masking tap, right

i hope you can help me, thank you
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The best way would to substitute solid colors with spray on toned lacquers. Dyes would prolly turn out to be a disaster, though if you accomplished it, you'd be godlike.
Coloured lacquer is your best bet, it will leave crisper lines at the masking tape than dye (I would imagine?)

One coat of toner wont exactly pop the grain though, it will to some extent but its not like with dyes where you give it a coat of black, sand back, add colour, sand back etc

What you could do (and this is just a thought that would have to be tested) is...

Mask it off

do a layer of black dye, or a very dark version of the end colour you want

un mask

sand back (this should hopefully give you crisp lines where dye bled through the tape)

re mask (being careful to get it in the same position)

then shoot a layer of toner

Hopefully this will bring out the figure a bit, as said, test it

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