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I know it is a weird idea, however. you guys like tea? whitch do you prefer?
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I know it is a weird idea

Tea passed by the whole idea phase a long long time ago.
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sweet tea with nothing added at all. no lemon or crap like that

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Milk no sugar from the teapot.

I have about 6 a day, my dad has 9.
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green tea, nice and hot

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Meh Tea sucks.

BOVRIL, bovril kicks it's a*s.
My mate never had bovril before so when he got it he put sugar and milk in it because he thought it was like tea lol i couldn't stop laughing
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PG Tips
Sunn O))):
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normal tea, bit of sugar, bit of milk. sorted.
but i prefer coffee.
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Milk and one sugar, but still a strong cup of tea
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Yorkshire tea, bit of milk, no sugar, sugars for little girls
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Green tea, just a little honey. I drink about 3 cups a day, my doctor loves that ****. Almost cancels out all the weed and booze. Almost.
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Meh Tea sucks.

BOVRIL, bovril kicks it's a*s.
My mate never had bovril before so when he got it he put sugar and milk in it because he thought it was like tea lol i couldn't stop laughing


Even though I've never had Bovril outside a football stadium, it's still the ****in sh*t. Bovril and a steak pie, what a combination

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Shroom tea.

Better not be busy the day you drink it.
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green tea with honey and bourbon

poppy seed tea is nice too, but expensive and kind of unpredictable.
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Strong sweet tea is...

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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Sweet tea for sure. I love how Arizona Sweet Tea comes in a 24 fl. oz. can and costs less than a dollar, best deal ever.
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99 1 Cup with a touch of milk and 2 sugars. Oh and 4 Rich-Teas...MMMMMMMMmmmmm.....
Earl Grey, no sugar. Sometimes add lemon and/or fresh ginger root.
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Milk no sugar from the teapot.

I have about 6 a day, my dad has 9.

I have about 1 or 2 a year.
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Tea is awesome. PG Tips, 2 sugars and a bit of milk. Perfect...
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PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea, Earl Grey.

PG and Yorkshire need 2 sugars and whole milk. Lush.
strong black tea and white tea mixed, with a little milk, 2 spoons of sugar, adn a little ginger if you feel like it. the greatest stuff oh earth.
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early grey green tea


Earl Grey or Lady Grey
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I drink far too much tea

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and I'm too young to care.

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Tetley tea, 2 sugars and milk is heaven, especially in my massive mug. Thinking about it, I wil make one right now
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weed tea is the best.

No, it's not. I'm a pothead and all, but it just tastes bad, assuming you make it right (i.e. to get high and not just for the flavoring).

Earl Grey for the win.

No milk, 1 or 2 sugar, but I drink unsweetened as well. Depends on the quality of the tea.
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earl grey. no milk, no sugar.

I'm the same way with my coffee. Coffee and tea shouldn't be fiddled with.
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