Hi UG,
First off, I was on a different account and didn't know about this account, and tried to do a password reset and change my email (On other account) but I then found that I made this account a couple of years ago and must of forgot about it.

I am now asking how I can delete this acount so that I can use my email adress on the other account,


Just realised that that was a rubbish explanation and is quie confusing...


If there is anyway a MOD can Completely Delete My account and erase the email i've been using please Go Ahead!!!
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theres no way to delete your account, so your other account is stuck on the email it's on now

you could make a new email address, change the email of your account with the username Yenoormail to that new address, then change the email for your newer account/newer username to the email you want to use. then PM a mod, and the Yenoormail account/user will get banned, because you're not allowed multiple accounts. then you have the account you want on the email you want. I'm assuming this is allowed?
Yea, I could give it a go, I hope I don't break anymore rules though, I dont mind what happens to this account after I get my email back... Confusing
Aah, I have just found that you can close a hotmail account after you have opened it, I can now:

Get new email, put it onto this account, replace my prefered accounts email with this accounts old one, and then delete the new email I created which would then leave this account with no email, I'll Take all of my information off and then I will ask a MOD to Ban it, Hopefully this is not breaking any more rules?
Same thing happened to me awhile back. My school email used to be my primary email (for UG too), I lost access to it and forgot my old UG account. I made this one the end of last year and PM'd one of the mods to permaban my old account based on my old school email.
The normal sequence in the case of multiple accounts:

- Original account (this one) receives a 30 (or more) ban.
- Second account is permanently banned.

You have the following factors in your favor.
1 - The only posts you have on this account have been in this thread.
2 - You came forward to point out the problem, rather than waiting.

Chances of getting this mess straightened out without you being in trouble are good.
But a Mod will decide.

I'll report your Original Post in this thread to bring it to a Mod's attention.

Good Luck,
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Yenoormail: when you have the email you want to use registered with your preferred account, post back and I'll ban your Yenoormail account. Also post the userame of your new account so I can make a note on it.
sorry i tried to post in this thread this morning but my work net connection died. do as Burpin'Worm said and get your email addresses sorted out (use any random email address for the account you no longer want, and your proper email address with the account you want to keep) and then post here when you're ready and whichever one of us sees your post will permaban the old account for you. you won't get in trouble for having a multiple account
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Ok thanks guys, This is the account I have been using whilst not knowing about the previous account,

I created a new email on MSN, attached it to the Yenoormail Account,

Then Attcheded the Email that was on the Yenoormail Account to this account that I am on now that I would like to keep,

Then I loged back onto MSN And Cancelled the Account,

And then have taken most of the content off the Yenoormail account so it is basicaly empty,

Could a MOD please Permenantly Ban or somehow make the Yenoormail Account inaccessible?

Thanks for all of the help I have had
P.S Sorry for any troubles and inconveniences caused
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