YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been classified low risk and recommended for release from Broadmoor, The Sun can reveal.
The top-security hospital’s doctors have told lawyers representing the Ripper — who murdered 13 women and tried to kill seven others — that he is no longer dangerous.

Here is the link.

What are your opinions, do you think he should be released or not? Considering he killed 13 women and attempted to kill 7 more.
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I saw this in the paper today, it's outrageous, that man should be hung drawn and quartered.
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If he's no longer dangerous, good luck to him trying to make a life in a world where someone will try to deliver vigilante justice. The above poster proves my point.
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It's probably better for all parties if he were to stay locked up, I think that the 'vigilante justice' think could well happen.
There's no point, he can't go to a job interview and say "Well, I do have a criminal record, I'm the Yorkshire Ripper"

If he was released he'd be on job seekers allowance. And God knows most of the British nation is already on benefits of some kind.
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Not only should he be released, he should be given an apartment along with Mark David Chapman and David Berkowitz. And they should get their own reality TV show.
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He was never a particularly good serial killer anyway, I mean he had a more than 1 in 3 failure rate.

He should stay locked up for that alone
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He'd be at more danger from the public than vice versa. I say, do it. It'll be five minutes before he gets stabbed.

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