I thought this might be the right place to post this.

Anyway my 10 year old sister got a guitar for Christmas. It's been two months and she's still yet to learn anything. I've been playing for almost two years and I'm pretty good. My mom told me that she will pay me $20 a week if I teach her guitar twice a week, rather than have her go once a week to a music store for the same amount of money. I agreed and now I'm trying to get my "lesson plan" together, if you wanna call it that.

My problem is I'm not exactly sure where the best place to start is. I went to lessons for about 4 weeks when I first started. My teacher taught me a finger exercise, the basic open chords and the riffs to Back In Black and Iron Man before the lessons began conflicting with my parent's schedule. I'm basically self-taught and don't really know where a good place to start is (I don't really remember what those few lessons were like, considering they were about 2 years ago).

What's the best way to start off teaching her? Any help is appreciated.
I'm self taught too. You should probably start with just single notes. I think chords discourage a lot of people bc it takes a while to get good at changing to and from them. But while you teach her the essentials, show her riffs to cool songs to keep her interested.

Hope that helps.
well considering she's ten,
she will get bored with it most likeley...
and pick it up 3 years later, thats how kids are:]

teach her marry had a little lamb and wheels on the bus or something,
then basic chords,
and then easy songs.

personally I learned iron man and stairway to heaven first,
I also liked the beatles when I was ten, but thats just me.
Teach her fingering excersizes, the main chords (G, D, E etc.), and like how you did with simple riffs.

I learnt Rock You Like A Hurricane, which is pretty much a mixture of an E5, G5, A5, C5 & D5 for the whole rhythm. If she likes Scorpions....
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Thing is she doesn't listen to rock music really. She's the kind of person to listen to Hannah Montanna over Black Sabbath. She has a small beginner's acoustic. Would it be a good idea to try and teach her the Disney songs she listens to, if it keeps her interest, or would that be something to discourage?
^ a lot of those disney type songs and pop-rock stuff (Avril Lavigne etc.) are based on power chords or open chords so if she's into that sort of music I'd say for sure teach her those
Do a few basic exercises, and find a nice beginner book with traditional folk melodies. This will just have build some coordination and basic music reading skills, work on it weekly, but just an exercise or two. Most of the kids I've taught are between 8-12 and they usually HATE working out of the book, but they'll do a couple exercises per week. It's best to try and teach through songs. So grab a Hannah Montana song and teach her the concept of a power chord by teaching her maybe the verse one week, and then the chorus the next. The key is just to keep her interested. If she's interested she'll practice and you can see the joy of bringing another guitar player/musician into the world. Keep it fun for her, answer her questions (There will be lots of them, most likely).

Keep it simple, and make sure she "masters" each technique you give her before giving her another to practice. Most of my younger students did great if they only had to focus on a couple of things during the week. If you spread them out too much, they dont seem to get a lot done, most are hard to motivate to practice more than 20-30 minutes, although you can also remind her and help her practice, so she may be more willing. You may have to really instill how to practice into them. I had a couple who thought practicing was playing the intro to Smoke on the Water , over and over for 20 minutes each day, and ignoring everything else.
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