I am currently writing a song for my girlfriend that my band is going to play. corny i know. I have no idea where i should start. AT ALL. I am aiming for kind of an atreyu feel to it. not like right side of the bed or bleading mascara. More of like Rememberance ballad or The Crimson. Either that or i'm Avenged Sevenfold feel like in their song I Wont See You Tonight Part 1 or maybe even Seize the Day. A Guns N' Roses feel wouldnt be to bad either. can any one help me out? i've tried alot of things and nothing is really piecing together. Please and thanks.
Ok i have no idea whats with the reporting just asked a simple question and got a simple answer but whatever. i get the whole clean thing. Alot of really good songs have it. I love the transfer between the two. I am just having some issues putting together the right chords. Nothing i seem to put together works. otherwise it sounds too much like a song that is already around and well known. should i use major? minor? what? Any particular chord i should be staying away from?

and im sorry, "mate", but i feel if you really need to report someone for anything that was said here, you must be attention deprived and needed to feel important. being stuck up does not make you cool. so just let people ask their questions and mind your own business. alright, mate? no one is hurting anyone.
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