New drum & bass band from the UK, check out our myspace and become a friend if you wish!

Heavily influenced by Pendulum and The Prodigy so if you like that sort of stuff this is right up your street.

Just please bear in mind the two tracks up at the moment are only rough demo versions, however there are a few more songs on the way with lots of cool guitar work so please keep checking back in the next few weeks.

Pease only constructive criticism. Thanks for your time guys!

The first thing I hear is an amen? That doesn't bode well one bit! x3

Not too bad, but you can definitely tell it's just rough versions.

The second song I like a lot better, neat bass sound there.

They both definitely need a little extra something though, IMO. An extra layer of subtle percussion would work wonders I think, nothing too drastic, just something to add a little zing and help pull you in. But then I favour really busy music so of course I'm gonna say that... decent work regardless!