Alrighty. First Major forum, so I looked around:
There's a band forum for names
There's one for Logos and symbols.
Hell, there's one for Album covers (thank's Crimson Bizzare, btw, we gonna use that cover).
So i was thinking: what's missing?
The answer: actual promotion.
True, bands need covers and logos and names to get started, but what about a forum that, by request, and with the generocity of other UG members, you could actually be made Flyers for gigs or other promotional adds.

1. No spam!!!!!! (kinda goes without saying)
2. please keep it PG-13. no pictures of anything likely to get the thread closed
3. when requesting, please include the following:
a). Name of band
b). Date, time, venue, and price (all if applicable)
c). any logos, symbols, pictures, and/or album covers you wish to have on the add.
d). any colours, styles, or effects you want on it
e). a link to your website, myspace page, or other such page, so the person making it can get a feel of the type of music or style of design you want.
f). your email, so the files can be sent to you. if you want, have the person PM you instead, and exchange stuff then, but it would be easier to have your email here. (any spam, vulger emails, or other such abuse is not my fault or my problem, so dont blame it on me)
g). and most importantly: the media you want this to be. This can be flyer, promotional video (if you supply links to pictures or films), newsletter, anything that falls under the category of Promotion.

Remember: You can have the logos, the skill, and all the other things that make a band famous, but if your not promoting yourself, there's little chance that you will make it big. That's what this forum is here for.

Any suggestions, please post them, because as i've said: first major thread.
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