What should i go for?
Tubescreamer ts9
Bad monkey

I know they have both been covered a lot already but,
Is the tubescreamer worth the extra £70 ??? I know they both do a similar thing.
I use a single coil strat and a Kustom tube amplifier. If that helps. I play all sorts of rock except metal.
Please reply!
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well...you get what you pay for I reckon...I have the ts-9...and I love it...if you can afford better quality...buy it...then you wont have to replace it later
TS7 is closer to a TS808 than TS9.

Biggest difference is the casing. The TS7 switches can be a little faulty though, otherwise, I preferred my TS7 (with a few simple mods) to my TS9, but eventually sold them both (didn't really like the TS sound tbh)