So ive been playing guitar for probably 6 months now..... im just wondering how im doing......... I can play all basic chords and some major minors, i can play a few songs, Last kiss by Pearl Jam, Californication, Desecration smile by RHCP, Knocking on heavens door Bob dylan, About a girl Nirvana and more i cant remember...... how am i doing???
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And also you could be playing those songs perfectly or you can play them really sloppy, that also matters you know.
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Just fine, but remember everyone learns at a different pace and different levels, so directly relating amount of songs you can play to how good you are isn't necessarily accurate, just keep playing at your own pace and eventually you won't even notice how well you are progressing...learning proper techniques and practicing frequently will do you just fine, and it seems as though you're on the right track so keep it up.
better than me i've been goin about 6 months, then again i am mentally retarded and so only learn riffs rather thn full songs,basically my point is that you know your doing well and you just want everyone to tell you this.
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Everyone progresses at different rates, depending on how dedicated you are to improving. If you're serious about learning quickly, I would strongly suggest finding a qualified teacher. By playing exclusively from tabs and things you pick up on the internet, you will pick up bad habits that will need to be corrected later.

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well yeah i have a teacher and probably play an hour and a half a day
GLEN JENSEN. That is all.....

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