So I'm trying to decide whether this is an issue or not, and whether to change it or just keep playing like I do (only been really playing since November so thankfully it's not a huge deal to change technique probably).

My question is the whole 45 degree picking angle thing when tremolo picking. I can tremolo pick rather well, but instead of tilting the pick 45 degrees forward, I tilt it 45 degrees back. Now this isn't an issue at all while playing sitting (with my guitar on my right leg, right handed) because my forearm is pretty much parallel to the ground, and tilting the pick backwards isn't hard to do in that forearm position. Standing is where this is a slight problem. I'd like to wear my guitar in a fairly normal position, instead of really high, so obviously my forearm is slanted downwards. Trying to angle the pick backwards then is a little difficult. It doesn't create pain or anything, it just makes my forearm tired because I have to work my stretch a bit to put the pick at that angle.

Now when I try to do it the other way, I'm terribly sloppy and cant really pick [consistently, but it feels effortless, even though I have absolutely no control yet. I also should say that I just need more all around practice standing and playing, but I'm just curious as to if any of you think this is something I should try to change. The reason I cant make up my mind is because although the forward angle seems like it could be easier, it's a massive step back in progress / speed / accuracy (but it is amazingly easy to pull off pinch harmonics that way). I could sort of solve problems for this by raising my guitar really high, but I feel that there isn't any reason I shouldn't be able to play at whats considered a standard height.

Whats everyone think? I'm sorry this was such a long post, so::

TL;DR<<< Picking standing up sucks. Should I change or not?
hey man, i sorta have the same problem,

i have to have my guitar quite high to accompany my picking needs, i would say, practise standing up, but don't worry about the speed yet, just work on the technique, and slowly build up the speed.

metronomes are your friend go up by a few bpm every time you can consistantly pick at the current speed for 30 secs - 1 min maybe?

but just keep practising
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I pick the same way, just give it a while until you're comfortable
I've got an even more awkward picking style than Marty Friedman, so don't worry
Play however you feel is comfortable, i'll probably NEVER play standing up just for the fact that i like the guitar in my face so it doesn't put awkward angles on my wrists. If i did however, it would look like im strangling myself with the guitar strap haha.
Well, just wear it high like Petrucci or something. Weird problem though.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.