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Real Name: Mathieu Boulet

Age: 20

Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Favourite Artists: I try to keep it varied ; Thom Yorke, The Arcade Fire, Jean Leloup, Renaud, Plume Latraverse, Jacques Brel, Daft Punk, Everytime I Die, Ben Harper, Colour Revolt, Oztara, Sublime, Brand New, La Rue Kétanou, Tryo, Our Lady Peace, Louise Attaque, the Mars Volta, Modest Mouse

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Right now it has to be Win Butler and Régine Chassagne from the Arcade Fire. They stay fairly simple while stepping away from the obvious. Their melodies are haunting and the occasional French thrown in here and there is a plus to me.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Gaston Miron. Without a doubt. Claude Péloquin is a close second. As far as English goes, I like to read Bukowski every now and then but I enjoy some S+L regs even more for that kind of stuff. Oh, I really fell in love with Kerouak's book of sketches, if that counts.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: I wouldn't want to be anyone else of course, but I'd chose a writing career resembling Claude Péloquin's one ; he wrote some lyrics for one of the most popular québécois band, traveled a lot, and knew no boundaries with his literature. I don't know why I speak past, since he's still writing and all.

Why Do You Write: At first of course, only to let steam off, and perhaps to
provoke a confrontation with myself. You probably get what I mean. More recently though I've been writing as a hobby and to satisfy the need I developed to put ink on paper. Trying to make something beautiful.

Favourite word(s): Anything sea related. Alcohols. French girl names. probably nature in general.

Favourite technique/style to write in: You'll find mostly free verse from me. I've been writing scripts for nearly 4 years now, while and after studying film in college. I've been meaning to post more prose. I write in French mostly for more personal things now. If that counts towards the question ; I think I prefer writing in French, usually. All depending on circumstances.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: culex-knight, the hurt within, Carmel, Silence_Evolves, jiminizzle, Stellar_Legs, we_have_sound, jammydude44 and less than that when he was around. Phantom1, too. I loved his stuff.

Most Helpful Critic: Cory and Steve mostly. If it weren't for them and Derek(coldfrontattack) I probably wouldn't have bothered trying to write something meaningful.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: Spending nights with people I adore/admire has proven to be quite effective. Just long conversations with them works too. Introspections. Alcohol [etc] produced some of the stuff I love the best but also a lot of worthless crap. So, I don't know about that.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It: Well my latest was worthless and Janvier has way too many qualms to be worth developing here, so I'll drop a few words about "Harmonica" I guess. It really is a "pinpoint attempt" at understanding what where my motivations regarding certain decisions I made recently that have proved to be controversial with some of my relatives and friends. I must have wrote about three pages in that format, re-read it a few times, trimmed it down, came to new realizations, and then that's about what has been posted. The imagery in the closing stanza is still ridiculous though. That'll change in the future I'm positive.

Tips for Newer Writers: Don't post everything you write. It's not all good. You shouldn't post anything you aren't satisfied with. If you see flaws in your piece, fix it up first, instead of hitting the "submit new thread" key and letting everyone do it for you. It's worthless to give you critiques if you don't try and do some work yourself at first. Let your ink dry for a day or two, come back to it, and then post it. For all those who think that editing is worthless, well, you might think you're that one in a million poet, you know, the got-it-all-flowing-in-my veins kinda thing, but good chances are that you actually aren't. But then again, if you write only to be read by kids online, don't bother, I guess...

What’s your goal in writing: Self-accomplishment. Sharing. Hobby. I'd like to record an album soon. The guitar playing is pretty much there for what I want to do, I'm just lacking a decent voice. Should be coming a few months from here.

Final Comments or Thoughts: Thank you for the votes, although all false annoying modesty apart, I have no clue why I was picked. Good luck with the writing everyone.

Congratulation, Mat.
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kungradulayshons Mat.
There's a road that leads to the end of all suffering. You should take it.

- Jericho Caine

secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.
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Well done Your writing gets me.
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