Well. Several months ago i started a band with a few of my friends. Im on guitar. Most of the band memebers can play multiple instruments, so its creatively open. To an extent atleast. Every turn we go down we end up palyig Ska Thrash. Im all good with Thrash and ska. I like to dance to it. Problem is, we're from a generally small town, and the biggest band here is a Ska Thrash band. So we end up sounding exactly like them. Heres an example of two of our riffs. Ska and Punk.

E111111----------------- Then the same strum and chord shape is slid to the 6th on the E and then then 5th on the E and then the 5th on the A.

And now a Ska Riff.

Basiclly a Gm Barre chord shape almost always.
666x6x6x444x4x4xxx You ctahc the drift.

Well, i really don't want to playt ska nad thrash. Im more of a Crust man. And i want to playsome **** thats along the line of Aus Rotten and Antischism.

Basiclly im asking, what types of things do you keep in mind when you're writing crust riffs. Simplicity of course, but any help is welcomed. And of course the lyrics mean alot more than the music. Id get up on stage and ply the same two pwoer chords as long as the lyrics have meaning.