ok so im a huge 90s rock, grunge fan. with that said alot of people dont liek me already. who cares. i wanna ask other grunge fans what rock song(s) from the 90s take you back. a few of mine...self esteam, gotta get away by the offspring.
i'd have to say that Smells like teen spirit by nirvana and basically every single nirvana song takes me back. also, soundgarden has a lot of good grunge songs.
Self Esteem, When I come Around, all of Nirvana's songs, Fell on Black Days, Rusty Cage, Alive, Even Flow, Porch. I love early 90's songs.
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Grunge is officially dead (and Offspring weren't in that scene)


Is it cool to report people on this forum?
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Is it cool to report people on this forum?

No, that's just how pointless threads like this one get dealt with. Old topic don't need to be revisited.

No one else post or I will warn.
i could really care less if anyone thinks grunge is dead. i like grunge and thats what i like to listen to. early 90's bands such as offspring, alice in chains, chilli peppers, pearl jam, collective soul.and so on i could go all day. those are just a few. even if "grunge is dead" early 90s rock was awesome.
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there is no such thing as "grunge".

It was a made up term stemmed by the media.

And the bands from Seattle hated being called it.

Not true, Kurt cobain was happy to be in the "grunge movement"