ok, i am about to change stirngs, and was wondering if you guys recommend putting any kind of fretboard conditioner on my guitar...i have had it now for about a month, and was wondering if/ what kind of fret board oil/honey i need and how do i apply it?
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I use Planet Waves Lemon Oil, to clean/condition my guitars.
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I'd say probably, you only need that once or twice a year. And any oil will do, ie Fret Doctor, Ernie Ball wonder wipes, Gibson's fretboard conditioner. It's like strings- find the one that works for you
There is a good one I use call "Fast Fret"

I don't know if anyone else here has heard of it.....
i use fast fret by GHS. smells and works good.
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Don't use honey you'll attract bees and bears LOL. I use Planet Waves Hydrate spray some on when you change the strings and wipe off.