Hey guys

I've been shopping for a left handed bass for some time now and I finally settled on the Ibanez SR- I chose the 300l over the 500l because it was about half the cost and I believe the 500L (it's not on the website so it must be an old model?) doesn't have the EQ the newer ones do-

I was playing it through my line6 this morning and I was generally pretty pleased with it until I plugged it into my Mbox just now--

There is some seriously loud, wide band noise/hiss coming from this bass- Pretty disheartening because I'm pretty picky and was quite wrapped that I finally found something I liked- It's really awful-- I've played with all the controls and it was no use- Putting a gate with a guitar noise preset on it helped but that's only a band-aid-

Is there anything I can do? I'm thinking I should take it back and maybe get the 500 [will it have the same problem?] but it would be nice if I could fix it somehow-

Thanks for any help!
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It's definitely the bass (I just didn't notice earlier). The hiss still comes through with the volume all the way down by the way-

I took a pic so you guys can see-

It's a brand new SR300L, pretty sad because I fell in love with it and now....
Seems likely-

Anyway.. Since when did 'cheap' equate to 'broken'?

I'm leaning towards taking it back but if anyone's got any other ideas i'd so love to hear them!!

thanks again
Hey there, I have the SR305 and I had the same problem. I replaced the electronics and regrounded it. There is a slight noise now but it's no where near as bad as it used to be. The preamp on the pre 08 SR300/305s were always very noisy.

My SR came very poorly wired, with very damaged pots and a ground wire that didnt even reach the bridge! As much as I love Ibanez, I realise there was a few problems with the late 90s SR300 range. After reading your post again...is this the very new shaped SR300? With a more contoured body and the output jack at the front?
Brand new, straight out of the box. The output is on the front.

The date on the inspection card is 07.12.11

I was kind of hoping it was an isolated thing--
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This is going to sound off, but bear with me. The SRs can do some odd things when the batteries are going on their last legs. Swapping out the 9volt is a cheap first thing to try.
Your best option is to take it back, sadly. I got mine second hand for dirt cheap and this is why I felt ok about messing around with it, but a brand new one should NOT have this problem. The SR500 has completely different electronics. You get the 3 band Bartolini EQ, with the Bartolini MK1 pickups. I currently have Barts in my Ibanez and it gives it a more balanced tone. If I was to ever upgrade from my SR305, it would be towards the SR505 or above, as I trust Ibanez build quality and Bartolini electronic quality, best of both worlds in my opinion. It has me wondering if the 'lower range' GSR 200 has better quality control than the SR300, hmm. It's ashame about the SR300, dude.

EDIT : ^^ Try the statement above, i never even thought about that!
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I just swapped in a new battery now, same deal.

Thanks micehorns, looks like I'm taking it back.
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yes i'd do that irrespective as to what other SR300's do
basses dont hiss, they rumble.
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