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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

cannibal corpse are playing about 200 meters from my room right now at the Wedgwood rooms portsmouth!...... I wanted to go , but was scared.
That was awesome.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
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+1 to carcass255, he knows funk will lead the way

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Pies? You're the drunk one!
I thought it was gonna be a cover by "Lounge Against The Machine"...

But its not

Oh well, cannibal corpse sucks anyways
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for some reason that guy's facial expressions annoy me.

i want to see corpsegrinder go up there and eat him. or at least **** him with a knife.

Nah, he'd take it as a joke, maybe join in.