I liked it, sounds really spacey, like one of those songs that's even better high. Sounds like it could be an intro to something or one of those "in-between" songs on an epic album or something.

Couldn't give you a genre, although it sounds like it would fit in with bands like Pink Floyd.

Between the velvet lies, there's a truth as hard as steel.
The vision never dies, life's a neverending wheel.
Hey dude- I liked the track a lot. It had a nice chill atmosphere and a great feel. I'm sober at the moment so you can rest assured it was a good idea! Great use of guitar and drums to make a nice groove and beat. The whole thing was good from start to finish. Nicely mixed and edited as well. It's some kind of ambient genre, reminds me of music from say Half life 2 or 28 days later. Good work!

c4c? pick any one of em on there =]