what do you think of the visual sound V2 H2O (chorus and echo in one) versus a boss ch1 and rv 5.

I'm trying to get a satch like sound.
I have a mockingbird special and a crappy peavey 15wt amp

which do you think is better.

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a new amp.

good one but I don't have the money to that yet.

thanks anyway
Visual Sound H2O. I believe that it is analog and it will probably nail the sound you are going for.


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a new amp.

Thanks for the stupid pointless waste of space.

Now for mine, I guess.

I've actually heard a lot of people like the CE better than the CH-1, but I don't really know. I thought the CE was ok, not great, but could get pretty kool sounding.

As for the H20 I've heard its a good value, and a good overall pedal, but you won't get the same range as if you had bought two full fledged pedals. However, overall I'd say get the H20. To me, the convenience of two pedals in one is really important.

In the future, if you decide that the H20 isn't cutting it, then consider getting two separate boxes.

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I used to have the visual sound chorus/echo. The chorus is analog but the echo is digital. And the echo side eats batteries. I got rid of it as I never used the echo and wanted stereo chorus. I go the stand alone liquid chorus as replacement.
CH-1 is nasty buy the CE
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visual sound h20 is awesome. But take the same money and getter a better amp, (Hell peavey vypyr 15watter is cheaper, unless this is the amp you have)
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you probably want a new amp if yours is "crappy" as you stated. the amp is most important for the tone
the h2o does work great when used with a good amp. makes cleans sparkle and gives depth to leads.
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I know the amp is very important.

my amp is an peavey rage 158 15wts.
I was thinking in getting a valveking 112
but what do you think?

i wish i could buy a mesa/boogie but i don't have that kind of money

thanks everybody for your comments they been helpful
I want the h20 so bad. They got sound clips on their web site. Its like £130 tho.

Probably the best chorus pedal you can buy, if not get the EHX small clone. Better than the boss ones.
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