I have some sort of malware where it redirects google links to adverts.
Now I'd usually just use Cuil and not worry about it, except my cousin, who's 6, is coming round tomorrow and he's probably going to use my laptop. Again, not a problem, except the adverts often have some sort of 'adult content' in them.
What are the best ways to get rid of this?
Stop looking at porn.
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use firefox along with adblock plus
I see you're not using the UG black theme

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use firefox along with adblock plus
That won't actually do anything in this case.

He'll be redirected to ads he can't see.

short answer: dont let him use your computer / block google and use ask.com
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If you need program recommendations try malware bites, adaware (the newest version is a pain in the arse but you can stop it doing the pain in the arse stuff), spybot search and destroy and pick one from AVG, avast and avira, all are available from cnet at www.download.com, so you won't have to do any googling to find em.