I had seen some vox amp heads that you can set for like 5watts or 50 watts with a little switch on the box. There are not lots of guitar shops in my area so i order online and some sites do not tell you much. Are there any other heads off hand that any one can think of that does this?

orange tiny terror is switchable between 7 and 15 watts and the blackheart little giant is switchable between 3 and 5 watts.
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etc. etc..

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lots of them
it will generally say so on the amps guaitarcenter page
there will be a switch on front of the amp too
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Egnater Rebel. nice little box.
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i sould also clarify something not a fortune. The boogie are great, but a fortune I was hoping to get somethin like a peavey, marshall, crate, randall and the like.
the egnater, blackheart, and orange are all very affordable.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.