Wow, kinda looks like a heavy metal one. I've never seen one like that either. Not sure about the pickups though ~ check the serial number.
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well thats new. where was it made? cant make it out on the headstock. that can lead u to finding the year, place made etc.
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s/n e937641 made in korea in 89 i think

that's what the headstock says allright...

I think it's one of the early Stagemasters, actually. Could just be a later Squier HM Strat, though... in anycase, it's a Squier HM strat design, that's about all there is to say. I think by '89 they were producing guitars in Korea, instead of solely in Japan, and had the "Squier II" series out, which was a more "contemporary" line... yours MAY be a Squier II, but then again, may not be. There isn't a whole ton of info about these old squiers floating around, I'm pretty much basing this on my own experiences.

edit, a little ebay searching, and I found this:

didn't bother google, though... might want to try that.
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mine is a archtop the hm isnt,and the headstock is not the same.

it's not an archtop, anyway, it's a carved top. In anycase, I googled "1989 Squier" and look was the first 2 pictures that came up were!

further reading indicates that it's an "HM3"
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Yeah, I've seen one too.
Didn't bother to buy it though, as the neck had been previously broken.

They're just a Squier HM series that copied the Ibanez S-Series, I believe.
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