If i took a 4 ohm head and put it through an 8 or 16 ohm cab, would it work? Basically I'm asking if they have to match or if the head can have a lower ohm rating than than the cab?

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You have to match the ohms for it to work properly.
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If it's Solid State then you can, but you lose power.

If its valve/tube, then It will put strain on your Output Transformer and your head could blow uo, so it's therefore not advised. Btw you will have a problem finding a 4 Ohm cab, so I would get a nice 2x12 one made for you (or you could make it) buy wiring two 8 ohm speakers in parallel.

Hope this helps.

If it's tube you can run it into an 8 ohm load and it'll be alright. A 16 ohm load might (for one I know mesas can do this) but it's definitely a gamble.

A 16 ohm cab can be rewired for 4 ohms quite easily, 2x12 or 4x12.
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