Well the band wants to move into more hardcore type stuff and I'm not sure that I really like the idea BUT I figured it would give me a chance to experiment with some different lead styles. I wan't to do some TMV/FOT type lead work. Any idea where to start?
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
Scales do not have moods, nor do they sound like specific bands. Very nearly 100% of Western music is either based entirely on the major and minor scales, or can be described as alterations to those two scales. Focus on learning the major scale in every key, all over the neck, as well as the theory behind it.
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for fall of troy a lot of it is based on dissonance and actually playing out of key, I have read with the UG interview with him that he doesn't really use much theory. addtionally for a very fall of troy sound try pulling off nearly every note to open it sounds very fall of troy like