This is the wrong forum (i can't find the right one so don't correct me) but how does this
apply to singing when you do the exercises. And any other advise on getting a strong powerful, aggressive sounding voice is appreciated.

In case anyone was wondering I sing for a thrash metal band aside from lead/rhythm guitar.
I don't think that particular article is talking about breathing during singing, but rahter breathing in general.
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push the air with your diaphragm and tighten the muscles in your throat a little
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Yeah that article doesn't have a lot to do with singing. Breathing is important with singing, or more about the way you exhale. If you contract your diaphragm conciously, your singing will be more in control and not as weak. The note won't sound forced, and will stay in tone better.
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the article has nothing to do with singing but good breathing is necessary

just practice singing and push a lot of air over your vocal chords to get that "powerful" sound
also learning how to move your throat and vocal box around and constricting different parts will help with creating different sounds
like outward pig squeals for example use a constriction under the vocal chords(which need to be tight them selves) and the top of your throat wide open
thrashier vocals are the exact opposite with a wide base and some constriction near the top, i use a variation of this
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