Ok, so I just got home with my new guitar (pics AFTER I get this answered ) And the low E String and D string are buzzing a little when they are played. Is this something that can be fixed by me, or do I have to take it back to GC?

take it back and tell them to set it up
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What kinda buzzing are you referring to? Is it a fret buzz where your string, despite being held down at fifth fret for example, is still lightly grazing the fret ahead of it? In this case, definitely take it back and have them run a basic setup on it.

Or, is it an annoying electronic buzz that will easily disappear if you run your signal through a noise gate?

Annoying problem, easy solutions. Hope this helps!
I think its just fret buzzing, but other than that its awesome! I guess I'll take it back next weekend.