i'm going to buy some bass strings but when i went to my local GC they didn't have the gage i needed (50-110) they had some EB slinkys so i setteld with those for now. i've used the power slinkys before and they die rather fast. and now i'm online looking at some heavy DR lowriders. i'm looking for strings with some nice depth and fairly bright, but will last me a while. has anyone had any experiance with DR? if not any segestions?

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I used to play the Ernie balls but i hated them cause they died in like 2 weeks. Now i use Dean Markley Blue Steels. I like them alot better then the Ernie Balls.
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I use Ernie Balls. Currently i have slinkys on my jazz bass, have tried hybribs, which are heavy on the E string and light on the G string. Maybe try those? They are nice sounding strings too.
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Bright as you like and last a good while too
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I along with everyone else it seems use to use EB's but now I use DR strings. I love them I use the DR high beams. I play mostly hard rock and do some slap and I just love the tone and the fact they last 3-4 months with daily practice and weekly gigs its worth the price. You wont be disapointed but might not be what your looking for.
im not a fan of dr. they sound okay but they get rusty fast and they are kind of rough on your frets.
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im not a fan of dr. they sound okay but they get rusty fast and they are kind of rough on your frets.

I got DR's on my bass and i don't have this problem, sounds like bad hygine and pushing to hard.
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