Hi there, guys and gals.
I play guitar in a Swedish band called Brainchild. Please check our myspace and get a feel for what we do. We're proud of it, and if anyone can get a glimpse of the energy we put into what we do, then that'd be great.


C&C welcome.

Peace out.
hey nice songs especially "your funky pussy" that bass is awesome!
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haha that ****s cool guys!

i mean not my normal cup of tea, but cant say i didnt enjoy listening to it
Heh, thanks.

Well, I don't think we're anybodys 'normal cup of tea' - I mean, we don't really fit into any genre (or sub-genre) that I can think of. People say we remind them of RHCP, but I'd only agree with that on some songs.

Anyway, thanks for listening!