im very new to ebay and long story short, this guy wants me to send him my goods and says i dont have to worry about getting paid because of cash on delivery, well i never heard of that, and also it is taking place outside of ebay cause i took it off the site because since im new i cant do buy it now, does it seem like a scam?
Yes, never EVER send anything without receiving full payment first. Even if he sends a cheque, cash it first.
The only way this isn't a scam is if you're delivering it yourself, otherwise who would he give the cash on delivery to, the postman?
You don't have to honour any agreement because you didn't do it through eBay. If I was you I'd relist it and just let people bid on it.
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That sounds like a huge scam. It's just weird that you're the seller and you're getting scammed. Never finish a transaction on ebay outside of ebay because then they can't help you after you've been screwed. I would not deal with whoever that buyer is.
There's a very good reason most mail/phone order companies say "No C.O.D."

It's a great recipie for getting ripped.
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