In This corner we have the OD units: a Maxon OD808($135), a Fulltone OCD($140 blem) and a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfest ($140 blem)

In the other corner we have the Delay units: Line 6 DL4 ($250) or the TC Electronics NOVA delay ($250).

First off I'd like to know whether I should get an OD first or a Delay first.

Next I'd like some recommendations on the units I named. Which OD is preferred and which would be the better delay.

All my gear is in my profile and I play every thing from Jam to Tech-Metal but its mainly going to used in a Progressive Rock 3 piece I play in. I have to take your word on the ODs because I wont be able to try any of them before I order them (none of my local shops carry either Fulltone or Maxon). I'll probably be able to test the delays.

Thanks in advance!
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I own an OCD and a DL4 and I've played an OD808 and Fulldrive 2. No experience with the NOVA...

That said, I like the OCD by far the best of the OD's, and I'd definitely get it over the DL4. Then again, my style doesn't use the goodies on the DL4 all that much...

I'd suggest getting an OCD, then get a delay like a carbon copy or something. Do you want all the extra crap that comes on the DL4? Do you need tap tempo?

The OCD is godly, its pretty good for using on a bass aswell IMO. Doesn't suck your lows as much. Also, just incase you haven't check it out yet, the MXR Carbon Copy is a fantastic delay if you don't mind having only 0.6 seconds of delay and very basic functions.
The thing that attracted me to the DL4 was all the presets that you had at the tap of your foot. In a live situation I probably would use all 3 presets (one for leads, one for spacy soundscapes and one for a quick digital delay).

How are you using your OCD? I would primarily be using it to tighten up and smooth over my amps gain channel. I wouldn't use it for blues type playing which is what most of the people who demo them on youtube do.
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I don't own a guitar OCD personally, but when I had one I used it for boosting and just adding some more gain or umph to my rhythm playing.
I just got one of the new FD2 MOSFET blems today

I only paid $125 rather than the $140 because I requested the converted model but they ran out and they are sending me the new blems

I prefer the FD2 MOSFET over the OCD. I A/Bed them together for about an hour at the music store, and I ultimately liked the tone of the FD2. It's much smoother and more of an actual boost rather than having huge amounts of gain like the OCD. At times, the OCD seems more of a distortion pedal with a mixture of fuzz and crunch at the same time, but if you roll back the gain knob on it to about 12:00, it'll be a more of a boost, but it won't be as smooth like the FD2. It's actually pretty harsh and very textured and gritty.

As for delay, my vote goes for the EHX Deluxe Memory Man
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Has to be those units?... Hmmmmm.... *Ponders momentarily*

I hear good things about tubescreamers though, be they ibanez or maxon. I've heard people say both are better but i guess its all down to opinion.

However I did witness a performance at the ICMP in London where the guitarist was using a Boss Blues Driver and that sounded lovely but I don't really think that'd be the tone you're after. Depends how heavy your prog band is.

You should get onto youtube, there's a lot of good demos of all sorts of different gear which will give you a good idea of the sounds you can get.

As far as I know the DL4 is pretty much the industry standard in delay pedals you won't go wrong with it.
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The youtube demos are all using the ODs for blues leads and the like so I'm pretty much relying on the wisdom of GG&A as far as that goes. No one has said anything about the Maxon yet? Are the fulltone boxes that much better? Keep in mind I'm mainly using the OD to push the front of an already distorted amp.
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I'd personally go for the FD2. The ocd seems more suited as a distortion pedal. The FD2 can do pretty much anything and remain transparent (or add mids) while doing it. The boost is nice too, more options, more tones.
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I haven't played the DL4, but I love my Nova Delay. I say try them out if you can though.
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any 3 are good. i like the maxon personally. OCD is good too but i think it's tone is more transparent in the lead channel, so that could be good for liek metal people i guess.
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The OCD is anything but transparent...
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i have to say go for the FD2 mosfet for the transparency and versatility... i dont have any maxon xp but i did run the fd-2 and the ocd side by side at guitar center monday for about an hour and i took home the FD2. :]
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Sounds like the FD2 is closer to my needs in this case. I think I'll end up with that unless someone can say otherwise.

Im still kind of back and forth on the Delays so if any one has any suggestions Im all ears.
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