I have had solo projects before but I never really get them taken anywhere due usually do to the fact I can't figure out how to handle drums. First I tried learning the drums and recording those, while I did pull of learning them I lacked the equipment to due decent recordings. Then I tried mapping out my beats in guitar pro, but that doesn't work as well as I like it to. I have also tried using my dads old drum machine, but it seems like more trouble then its worth.
Well it can be a pain in the ass to have to programme drums and not have them sound like one bar looped over and over again.

Here's a method Programming Drum Patterns for Midi

It's not to hard if you follow it and know the basic beat and know how to elaborate or make fills.

If you want drums that sound real then it will take a lot of time adjusting the attack of each it just right to get good dynamics, adjusting the eq and reverb of each individual drum to get it sounding just right and coming up with good patterns and fills that work for each part.

If you just want a basic beat to play along with then it couldn't be easier. Figure out a basic pattern and loop it over and over or use the cut and paste.

Of course if you can find a good drummer that's even better - no programming necessary.
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Thanks ill go check that out, I usually write the parts on an actual drum set so they are not one loop over and over again, but that bit about adjusting eq's and such will help it sound even more authentic good tip
The guy in that link is on to it. He has some very good info and tips.

He suggests keeping bass snares and high hats on separate tracks so that you can easily control each drum without much hassle. I do this all the time now cause it's pretty easy to do.