Song for a dead friend and all of the bereft:

Look here, now. See the clouds, bruised and broken.
Painted on the ceiling up above-- yeah.
I'm so sorry, my sad lady.
Oh what I'd give to see you smile.

Oh no! She's not gone. She's just gone ahead, now.
She's thinking about you, thinkin of her.

Hello there, little darling of mine.
Please listen and try not to be hurt.
Oh yes, I love you, my sad lady.
Please let the music pull you through.

Oh no! She's not gone. She's just gone ahead now.
Oh no! She's just-a waiting for you, and you and you, and you and even you, and me.

[And she's gathering all the clouds into a nice comfy pillow for all of us to have a big eternal slumber party on.]
Gibson Zoot Suit in Rainbow
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

Where are the ladies, man?