This one kinda turned into a poem
It about an insane person who contemplates murder, then becomes paranoid that people know he did

Destine to Implode
Failed by my own intention
This was never meant to become a reality
It did not present a threat until it became an obsession
Reluctancy is not enough to smother compulsive actions

Release was not preventable
This was not my fault
But it will ultimately lead to my previous ideas
I cannot convince myself that the hidden will not be found
Lies must be leaking out that will be proven true

Rumors heard but not spoken
Evil creations that are mine cannot belong to any other
The message will be spread it will soon consume me
Relentless pressure forces out that which could not be withheld
They are thieves yet they mean good
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excellent as a poem, I like the opening to each stanza

Also I like the rambling nature of the poem which fits very nicely with the overall theme.
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