I have a schecter damien FR and im happy with the guitar but not the overall sound. I know what its capable of but i dont think im getting its best sound. I was wondering what i can do to get better sound. I have a ****ty crate 15 wt amp with only a few settings i was wondering if thats holding back the guitars sound or if i should get a pedal or something like that , any suggestions.
just keep on saving for a new amp, and i'd suggest moving this to the guitar gear & accessories forum

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definetly, definetly,

get a new amp.

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If you're very comfortable with the guitar, then the amp is your next choice.
its for sure the amplifier.

try something with tubes
or at least not crate their solid states really suck
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I was also wondering what setting to use for distortion theirs a gain,level,clean and equalization nobs.