so i was thinking about this
at what point does teh price of gear become a rip off in your opinion

for me with guitars its probobly around 1000$ for your average guitar and if it has extra strings of a floyd or something probobly 1500$

amps i wouldn't go higher then 2500 for a 212 combo

and effects it kinda depends probobly just less then 200 usually with a few eexceptions like a carl martin compressor or z vex fuzz
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whatever I want to get that sounds and feels the best I get. Price is the least of my worries.

that being said will I buy a 5000 dollar guitar/gear.... more than likely not.
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If something is perfect, then to you it's priceless.

You can't put a price on unadulterated joy.
It's not a rip off if the manufacturer can justify the price. If a guitar is hand built and made out of high quality materials, you have to pay a lot for it.
Most of the people who make guitars that cost 3000€ and more don't make much money actually, so they are not ripping their customers off. They charge a reasonable fee for their work plus the cost for woods, hardware, etc.

By the way, electric guitars are cheap instruments and they've been becoming cheaper and cheaper with time. Back in the sixties, most musicians couldn't own more than one or two guitars because they were so expensive, nowadays that's easily possible, even if were talking about pricey guitars.

Basically I want to tell you that you have no reason to complain.
It depends. For Instance, I wouldn't ever spend more than $1000AUD on a guitar, because I like to mod them and even though I baby them when I'm not playing, on stage I can be a bit rough with them.

Amps, however, I would spend whatever I could to get the tone I wanted. Same with pedals.
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I'm only limited by what's in my wallet. That being said, I'll probably never spend more than 1 grand on a guitar simply because of my wallet. The amp just depends. If I play an SLO and decide no amp can beat it then I'll be paying 3500 dollars for an amp some day.
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I'll pay whatever price I have to for something if the price is justified, either by its history, build quality, artistic value, other desirability factors.
Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it. That said, if an amp was expensive but it was my favorite amp ever, I'd buy it. If a guitar was expensive, but my favorite guitar ever, I'd buy it.
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