hey im recording some covers with my band. and were using amplitube 3 for our guitar and bass amps since we dont have the best amps. what are some tips to getting a good metalcorish tone (TDWP to be exact i know not really metalcore but yeah idk). also what about bass tones. cuz idk what settings to use and the bass player is a total bass noob lol hedoesnt know what he sets his to
you want the Ampeg SVX program for Bass tones, also make sure you have a good interface, because if you are using a crappy one (or even worse your computers built in sound card) you won't be able to get anything that sounds remotely good)

other than that it works pretty much just like a real amp. I suggest finding presets you like and tweaking them.
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where can i find the bass tone one? and i have a emu 0202 which i think its pretty good for starting out. im obv not looking for pro quality. and all the presets wont open for some reason?
are you using a bootleg version? perhaps you didn't properly install the presets, in any case just mess around with it, it's designed to work prettymuch like a real amp, so you shouldn't have too many problems.
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I have probably every amp sim out there... there is no Amplitube 3???
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Long story short, there is no Amplitube 3. But there may be in THE FUTURE!