Can i use a gig bag and a humidifier instead of a case and a humidifer? I dont want to dish out another 50-60 dollars for a case. So is it Necessary? My parents turn on the heat since its winter and all but if i keep my guitar in a gig bag and humidifier it should be safe... right?
if you have a cheap guitar then it doesn't matter

if you have a good quality guitar that was quite expensive, then you should really invest in a hard case to keep it in the best possible condition

a humidifier won't be as effective in a flimsy soft bag
A gig bag does nothing to keep the humidity around the guitar. The cloth is a permeable membrane. If you want your humidifier to do anything then you need a hard case or at least one of those foam case like Seagull gives. Those types of cases are enclosed environments that trap most of the moisture in from the humidifier.
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