I hope this formats properly...


so it didnt format properly but hopefully its still understandable. See the first note on the 7th fret on the 2nd string. Do you strike that note? or just slide down to it from the previously 'played' 8th fret, hammer the eight, then pull off onto the 7?


I'll link the tab in case it makes it easier.

also, after the first 9th fret played, is the 7th fret played twice? once alone, then again to then hammer on eight again afterwards?

its a bend. play the 7th fret, then bend it to sound like the 8th
wait, those are bends? geeze I thought they were hammer ons and pull offs... ok well that makes sense. So those are all bends? What about the 12^10^8
so play the 12th fret, bend til it sounds like the 10th? and keep bending til it sounds like the 8th? I don't think I'm understanding that right
wait, above that piece of tab it has p p sl h p which i take it means pull off, pull off, slide, hammer, pull off