i came on here a few weeks ago talking about how my traynor make screeching noises when going past a certain volume and that i was told it was the pre amp or power tubes i forgot which . i brought it into the local guitar shop and told them and they told me, well on the internet everyone is a "technician". ok fair enough. **my tubes are in the chassis and are unable to be changed without taking the amp apart**. its been 2 weeks and i give them a call and i get, "it can take up to 6 weeks".. really? to change tubes out 6 weeks?
Could be really busy.
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Could be really busy.

but changing tubes should take what, a half hour max? lol.
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but changing tubes should take what, a half hour max? lol.

I'd say fifteen minutes if you don't know how to take the covers off the preamp tubes if they're there.
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could be waiting on a shipment of parts, could have a backlog of stuff to do. the world doesn't revolve around you. you get added onto the end of the list, not the beginning.

they might even outsource the work to a tech who comes in once a month and take the amps and works on them in batches.

there are plenty of reasons why it could take longer than you expect.
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