Alright so i have a question about tuning my guitar down.. I want to put my Schecter omen 6 into D standard and Drop C.. Right now i use DR mediums and theirs to much slack.. Can someone give me the gauges that I should use to put my guitar in D standard and Drop C.. WITHOUT HAVING TO GET ANY ADJUSTMENTS to my bridge trus rod etc.. and if you can give me a DR brand of strings or w/e the gauge will do thanks guys
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i use D standard and use ernie ball beefy 11-54 but 10-52 will also suffice

edit: ill specify my ibanez s and ltd M200 use 11-54 and my rg321 uses 10-52
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Whenever you switch gauges you're going to have to make some sort of adjustment to keep the guitar's intonation.
I use Dimebag DR's and they're only 10's (.010-.049). And that gets into Drop C fine.

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i use 11-52s on my epiphone les paul. it used to have 9s on it and i didnt have to make any kind of adjustment for intonation.
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yeah but ive talked to someone before and they said if you use a bigger string size to make up for slack or something youll be fine but i dont think its hard to do intanation