So I thought of finding some drummer site and joining their forum but I like this one and **** it I mean there are plenty of people here who play drums too right?

I need a double kick pedal and I wanna invest in a reliable one that's going to last. Probably a chain drive for metal but I'm not sure what kind to get.

I've heard great things about Axis and I like the way the DW9000 plays, but that's too expensive...I'm not spending more then like, 150-200 on a pedal, so maybe used...

I also heard Yamaha makes good pedals...

help me out eh
Iron cobra
You can call me Aaron.

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Seems unanimous...
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
My brother loves Iron Cobra pedals.
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****...even Obama didn't get that kind of vote...Iron cobra I guess it is...but has anyone played the Axis? I heard it's the fastest
Iron Cobra all the way. I've been using their double-pedal for 2 years now and it is so smooth that its just ridiculous...seriously...DEFINITELY worth the money !
Iron Cobra is a lot of money, and if you're willing to spend it go ahead, it's a great pedal.

Also keep in mind the DW7000-9000, I use the 7000, great pedal, really fast, I got mine for $214. I'd say go for that if you want a good cheap one.

If you're looking cheap but can get the job done, get the double pedal Gibraltrar, or however it's spelt.

I don't want to go in depth with anything now, but if you want me to, pm me.

I just read your post. You're not going to find an Iron Cobra for $150-$200. Go for the DW7000. Great pedal for your price range. I can vouch for it.



and I got my double pedal maybe two years ago for $215, like I said before, so I'm sure if you look around a bit, you can find a more decent price.
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Definitely Iron cobra
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