Hey im looking for some free software that I can use to make some decent Drum and Bass beats to. I have run OSX and have logic express 7.

Also does anyone have any good tips for making good video game type music?

Thanks Ali
What kind of video-game music?

Asteroids is an easy one

But for some truly amazing music, you wanna play the F-Zero games, or just youtube for the soundtrack. Epic.

As for software you can use, sorry, I don't have a clue...
if its a racing/fighting game

anything by Children Of Bodom
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1. Death
2. Children Of Bodom
3. Metallica
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listen to Dragonforce

really helpful where did you learn to be so witty.

and to TheWickerMan666 im going for mario, tetris sorta stuff. Just checking out F-zero now. Pretty damn awesome. Can use that for some inspiration.

Sorry I didn't say im not looking for music for video games. I have a uni assignment to make a library piece, the subject is our choice. I have chosen to do a piece of video game music in a drum and bass style. I'm trying to learn how to make this sorta music better. Was wondering if anyone had any pointers. Such as the best way to create drum tracks, good way to get the old school nintendo sorta sounds.
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Modern video game music works on the same concept as film scoring.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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