There is something I just don't get about laughter and humor in general. where did it come from? why did we evolve such a thing as a sense of humor, and what decides what we find funny and what not?

It started here Where Laughter Comes From
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Its an evolutionary adaptation because think how much like would suck without it
so, the ones who experiences laughter didn't kill themselves and passed it on to their children
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Explaining humour to you would be far too difficult... You being German and all.

pssst, no one knows this, but I'm actually American, I just live in germany.
I was thinking this the other day!!

why do we find things funny?.. and what is laughter??

whatever the answer, I love laughing..

the best laughter is when you laugh so much that your in pain, but can't stop laughing.. I hope that happens again soon.

and why do our eyes start watering when we laugh?
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pssst, no one knows this, but I'm actually American, I just live in germany.

Or, you're a cunning Nazi spy trying to gain my trust by pretending to be American...

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i remember reading a study a few years ago that concluded that laughing on a regular basis is good for your health.

so maybe thats why we developed humor?
I heard it explained like this from a professional stand-up comedy guy. I'm paraphrasing, btw. "You basically drive someone down a track as far as possible, then at the last second, give them a complete 180.