I hope this formats properly...


so it didnt format properly but hopefully its still understandable. See the first note on the 7th fret on the 2nd string. Do you strike that note? or just slide down to it from the previously 'played' 8th fret, hammer the eight, then pull off onto the 7?


I'll link the tab in case it makes it easier.

also, after the first 9th fret played, is the 7th fret played twice? once alone, then again to then hammer on eight again afterwards?

12 pulloff 10 pulloff 8 slide 7 hammer 8 pulloff 7 lol
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fade to black awesome song i jsut learned the ending solo yesterday
the starred notes are the ones you pick
12^10^8\7^8^7 7 7^8 7
* 9 * * *
* and also make sure that this hammer on is almost instantaneous with the picked 7th fret so pick then hammer right away listen to the song if you dont understand

hope this helps
i knew that was gonna happen
what im trying to say ispick the 12th the do all that stuff and the next note you pick is the 9th fret 4th string
then for the other question pick the 7th then pick it again and right away hammer on the 8th
Hey thanks a lot man, that makes perfect sense.
I posted this thread in tab talk and some guy told me those hammer ons and pull offs we're actually bends....... yeah......